Undergraduate Program

Latin American Studies is an interdisciplinary program within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Latin American Studies program involves a variety of fields, including African-American Studies, anthropology, Spanish and Portuguese language, literature and culture, history, philosophy, and political science. It also includes substantial training and education in Spanish and/or Portuguese. Students may either earn a major (Bachelor of Arts) or a minor in Latin American Studies.

Undergraduate Program Information

Admission and Progression Requirements, and all Program Requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog. Please see the information below:


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Honors Program

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Early Entry

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Academic Plans of Study

Additional Resources for Students


Latin American Studies graduates:

  • Pursue graduate study in the humanities, social sciences, and law
  • Work for companies and agencies serving the growing Hispanic population of our region
  • Find careers in the foreign service, the military, and other governmental agencies; in non-governmental organizations with an international or cross-cultural orientation; and in international business


Admission requirements. Students declaring a Latin American Studies major must meet all requirements for undergraduate admission to the university. Students matriculated at UNC Charlotte and planning to change to or declare Latin American Studies as their major must have an overall GPA of at least 2.0. Transfer students from other institutions must meet all general requirements for admission to the University. Matriculated and transfer students who do not meet requirements for admission to the program because of special circumstances may petition the Coordinator for acceptance into the program.

Documents required for admission. Students applying for admission to the University and acceptance into the Latin American Studies program must submit all documents specified in the current UNC Charlotte Catalog . Matriculated students requesting acceptance into the Latin American Studies program must complete the University Declaration of Major form. Students seeking to apply course work taken at other institutions to the Latin American Studies major must provide a copy of the official course description for each course requested for consideration.