Recent Theses


  • Sarah Hawkins, “Sombras en Videojuegos: Virtual Tourism and Cold War Representation in Tactical Shooters”
  • Sofia Paiva de Araujo, “Memorial Cinema in Latin America: Filmic Depictions of the Dirty Wars in Brazil and Mexico.”
  • Nashaly Ruiz González, “Mi Rey, el Narco: Masculinity in Mexico’s Narco Culture” (dual M.A. degree with Spanish)
  • Lucinda Stroud, “The Goldmar Strike: Formative Years of the MCOP, 1977-1979.”
  • Leah Walton, “Indigenous Rights at the Crossroads of Development and Environmental Protection in the Tipnis, Bolivia.”


  • Carolina Oliveira, “Afro-Brazilian Culture as a Means of Transformation: Spaces, Businesses, and Political Participation in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.”
  • Brenda Paredes Guerrero, “Two Quechua Protestant Villages and Terror in Huanta, Peru, 1980-1991”


  • Nicole L. Hanna, “We are Paraguayan: Construction of Paraguayan National Identity Through Guaraní Language Use, 1814-1970.”
  • Noe Pliego Campos, “The 1986 World Cup and Political Legitimacy During Mexico’s ‘Lost Decade.”


  • Haley Nelson, “Selling Souls: The Economic Supporters of Argentina’s ‘Dirty War.’”
  • Paula Andrade, “The Catholic Church and the Free Womb Law in Recife, PE, Brazil: An Analysis of its social development, 1870-1878"
  • Patricia Arcia, "Beyond Religion: Liberation Theology and Theology of the Hammer in El Salvador, a Comparative Analysis"
  • Haley Nelson,
  • Nicholas Ortiz, "Pedro Segundo and Getulio Vargas: National Leaders, Words, and Sociopolitical Change in Brazil during the Paraguayan War and World War II"
  • Koffi Yao-Kouame, “Understanding the Crisis of Undocumented Minors from Central America Coming to the U.S." A case study in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.


  • Candie Almengor, "The Representation of Guatemala at the World's Fair in the Late Nineteenth Century"
  • Michael Gallemore, "Baseball from Below: How America's Pastime Became a Hemispheric Cultural Phenomenon"



  • Shavon Bell, "The Socioeconomic Impacat of Tourism:  the Case of the Dominican Republic"
  • Ashleigh Blue, " The Role of California as a Key Factor in Immigration Policy Development From 1986-1996"
  • Erin Fiorey, "Truth and Reconciliation Comissions after Authoritarianism in the Southern Cone"
  • Audrey Henderson, "Remedying the Ill:  Mexican Agrarian Credit Reform and Its Environmental Impact on Revolutionary Mexico City"
  • Rachel Anne Hill, ""O Brasil Espera que Cada Um Cumpre O Sem Dever": The Instituto Nacional de Cinema Educativo and the Development of the Brazilian Film Industry"
  • Daniel González, "Origins of a Hybrid Fire Department: Development of Fire Protection in U.S.-Mexico Border Cities"
  • María Gabriela Rivero Fernández, "The Impact of the Latino Entrepreneur in Charlotte, NC During the Last Decade"


  • Amy Michelle Kennemore, "Debating Indigenous Authonomy in the Bolivian Highlands: Identity Politics and the Ayllu Movement in a Plurinational State"
  • Wessley Paul Roberts, "Ch'orti Essentialism: Disentangling Identity and Hegemony in Western Honduras"
  • Alexandra Lemos Zagonel, "Brazilian Rock in the Context of Redemocratization"


  • Daniel Cozart, "Meadiating the Extremes of Globalization: Peru's Dirty War and the Limits of Reconciliation"


  • Alvaro Mauricio Segovia Heredia, "The Huánuco Rebellion of 1812"