Cozart, Daniel

PT Faculty for Latin American Studies
Garinger 220

Dan Cozart’s research focuses on the history of Afro-Peruvians after the abolition of slavery in 1855. His dissertation, “Afro-Peruvian Creoles: A Social and Political History of Afro-Descended Peruvians” examines Afro-Peruvian historical agency, demographic erasure and the politics of censuses, contested definitions of race and citizenship, self-representation in politics, culture, and the arts, as well as labor history. Cozart has published academic articles on inter-American relations in the twentieth century and collective memory of Peru’s Dirty War (1980-2000). He enjoys teaching modern and colonial Latin American History with a focus on race, ethnicity, and gender, U.S.-Latin American relations, and Latin American history through film.