Introductory Course (3 hours)
LTAM 1100 Introduction to Latin America

Economy and Society (6-9 hours)
Courses in this perspective emphasize social science approaches to the study of contemporary Latin America such as anthropology, political science, and business language.  Economy and Society courses are designated in the LTAM course catalog by the numbers 21xx, 31xx, 41xx, for example, LTAM 2116 (Contemporary Latin America), LTAM 3144 (Latin American Politics), and LTAM 4120 (Advanced Business Spanish.)

Historical Context.   (6-9 hours)
Courses in this perspective focus on the historical development of Latin America since Pre-Columbian times, and they include courses in History and Archaeology.  Students must take at least one class on pre-Columbian and/or colonial Latin America .  Historical Context courses are designated in the LTAM course catalog by the numbers 22xx, 32xx, and 42xx, for example, LTAM 2206 (Colonial Latin America)and LTAM 3276 (History of Mexico.)  One of these courses must focus on the pre-colonial and/or colonial periods.

Literature and the Arts (6-9 hours)
Courses in this perspective study the cultural production of Latin American peoples such as the arts, literature and film, and they include courses in Art History, Spanish, and film studies.  Literature and the Arts courses are designated in the LTAM course catalog by the numbers 23xx, 33xx, and 43xx, for example, LTAM 3360 (Studies in Hispanic Film) and LTAM 4313 (Studies in Spanish American Prose Fiction.)

NOTE:   Among the 15 hours required, not more than six (6) hours may be double counted with another major or minor.  This stipulation include cross listed courses regardless of program designation under which the course was taken.  Exceptions may be approved by the program director upon consultation with the other program or department.  Note:  Students exercising this option should be aware that the accuracy of the on-line degree audit may be affected.

Students may take LTAM 2000: Topics in Latin American Studies; or LTAM 3000: Advanced Topics in Latin American Studies to help fulfill these requirements.  As the topics of these courses vary, students may repeat them for credit.  The Director of Latin American Studies will determine which perspective(s) a given section of LTAM 2000 or LTAM 3000 fulfills.  With the approval of the program director, students may also apply up to three hours of LTAM 3800 (Independent Study) toward these requirements.

Foreign Language .  Students are expected to demonstrate competency in Portuguese or Spanish by completion of two courses at the 2000 level or above.  Additional language training and/or study-abroad is strongly recommended.